Retirement doesn't have to be stressful, and in fact is quite an enjoyable experience for most people looking to take a break after years of hard work. And while the idea of doing what you want in your new maintenance-free retirement apartment is exciting, seniors must keep in mind that their movements may not be what it was in their younger days. Here are some movement-related considerations for seniors moving into retirement apartments.

Make Sure The Apartment Flooring Is On A Single Level

Some apartment layouts can be complex for seniors, especially when there is a height difference between rooms – separated by a step or steps. This can result in possible accidents indoors as you may fail to notice this height difference when walking from one room to another. An accidental fall can cause you to become immobile for an extended period of time, so it's always best to make sure your apartment flooring is on a single level with no height difference between rooms. This ensures seamless flow and reduces any chance of a trip and fall accident.

Avoid Two-Storey Properties

Whatever property you choose, you'll want it to be one storey to avoid the stress of climbing up staircases to get to other rooms. Two-storey properties are difficult to navigate through for seniors who have restricted movement, so the best option is to stick to a single level home. The easiest access apartments are generally at the ground level, but if you choose one on a higher floor, make sure the lift is easily accessible for you to get to. Ramps should also be easily accessible so that anyone in a wheelchair can also move around freely through the property.

Consider Slip-Resistant Flooring In The Apartment

Seniors are usually at greater risk of slip and fall accidents, which is why it is important that you choose slip-resistant flooring before moving into your retirement apartment. Ideal slip-resistant floors include timber and textured ceramic tiles to protect you from any falls while indoors. These types of floors are easy to maintain, which is ideal for seniors who want minimal housework. Carpets are also ideal because of their soft underfoot comfort but will require a little more maintenance to keep clean. Smooth floors may look attractive, but they are trip hazards and should be avoided.  

Moving into a retirement apartment can be a liberating experience, but you can make it even more comfortable with these movement-related considerations for seniors.