People living in strata units often experience a myriad of problems managing the development and keeping it in excellent condition. For instance, they could have problems maintaining common amenities, or some owners could blatantly disregard the development's bylaws. The easiest way to avoid these issues is by hiring a strata manager. Below is a guide detailing the benefits of hiring strata managers. 

Strata managers take a professional approach to managing the development. Ideally, the professional is the CEO of the development. Their primary role is to safeguard the welfare of the owners and ensure residents comply with the association's bylaws. One of the problems that the corporate body encounters while managing the strata development is that the members have a conflict of interest since they are property owners. Therefore, they could make biased decisions to protect their interests or those of their friends. Conversely, the strata manager is an independent party without any interest in the development. Therefore, they are best suited to enforce the bylaws and reprimand owners who flout these regulations.

Members of the body corporate may not have any experience in property maintenance. Therefore, they may not know when to reseal the driveway, clean the drainage system, schedule swimming pool maintenance, repaint the property, or examine structural features. Conversely, the strata manager has a depth of experience in managing property. Typically, the professional creates a property maintenance schedule detailing routine maintenance tasks. The overall goal of the schedule is to ensure the common property stays in excellent condition. Besides, it prevents expensive repairs caused by poor maintenance. 

Unprofessional management often leads to loss of funds. For instance, when hiring a maintenance contractor, the body corporate could overlook their insurance coverage or warranty policy. If an accident occurs as the contractor's crew works on the property, the owners association is liable for these injuries if the contractor does not have the required insurance. Similarly, if a contractor's work is below standard, the owners association would incur extra repair costs if the contractor did not offer a warranty or guarantee. The strata manager helps avoid such oversights. It goes a long way in preventing the wastage of funds.

Some strata management tasks can be pretty strenuous. For instance, keeping financial records and preparing financial reports can be taxing for the body corporate members since they have to go to work and tend to their families. A strata manager is a dedicated employee of the development. Therefore, they have the time and resources needed to conduct these tasks.  

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